May 16th, 2013, 8:05 pm


Why Hello There!


Hi! Let's have a quick chat, why don't we?

We've been getting lots of new readers, and to all of you we are extremely thankful for your eye-time! Feel free to comment on the comic, and if you're enjoying it and you want to share it with any other fine people well that would be just dandy.

The site has gotten a makeover, which you may notice since it looks slightly different now. It is also repeating, which is a problem I'm looking into but really you're getting double the content per page so it's a pretty good deal.

We're trying to settle into an update schedule; Justin's color is jaw-droppingly gorgeous but unfortunately it's very time-consuming, so we're doing it in good ol' black and white so that we can keep things moving!

Our current plan is to update every MONDAY and THURSDAY with two pages each day! EXCEPT for next week, there are some real-life things that need taking care of so we have to take a couple days off, but to make it up to you Justin did an extra page for today's update! What a guy, right?

Apparently my Game power is long rambling posts, so I'll just thank you again for reading our humble little comic and make sure you know things are about to get incredibly real, so look forward to it!!